Nick Mills
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Audi – Icon Experience


The Audi Icon programme is aimed at prospect A8 drivers, who either are reaching the end of their service plan on their current A8s or people who might
be looking to upgrade their models. If the customer decided to take part, they would get an A8 of their choice to test drive for a week.

Design Lead

We created a custom microsite where potential candidates could select the A8 of their choice to test drive for a week. As well as getting the car for a week we offered candidates a voucher to an experience which highlighted of the the A8 characteristics; Sporty, Sophisticated or Progressive as well a gift from Audi South Africa.


A custom designed gift pack was handed over to the Candidate. This housed a product brochure as well as a Audio introduction the the car. A thank you note, the experience voucher and the gift were packaged in a box which was handed to the candidate when the car was handed over.